Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I am not sure, but today is nice and sunny and kind of warm.   We are making progress.   The new pumps arrived yesterday.  The Contractor is here today putting up the walls.  On Friday we will be connecting the pumps to the irrigation system and water fall.  Then we need to finish the building.  Then we need to hook up the electric.  We hope to finish by the end of the month........we will be busy.  

This week we gained a few more staff members to help with the course clean up. Once we get caught up we will start raking bunkers.  Probably next week.  We removed the cover and mowed the Putting green.  We will open it in a few more weeks.   The range should open middle of the month.   The contractor should be starting our  tee expansions this week on holes 2, 11, and 15.   I am hoping to open the back side this coming Saturday.  A lot going on,  I will keep you posted.
New Pumps being installed 

close up view

We got 2.75 inches rain last weekend --it helped fill the pond. 

We covered 14 green last week to "jump start it"  It is showing signs of the harsh winter.   I am hoping that last weeks rains and warmer temperatures get things growing.  

Mowed the putting green yesterday.