Monday, March 24, 2014


The first day of spring was last Thursday.  Mother nature has been teasing us with one warm day followed by several cold.  We have been busy with cleaning up the course and getting the front side ready for play. Saturday was beautiful with temperatures in the sixties.  We were able to open the front side greens and  a few golfers were able to enjoy the day.  Unfortunately the weather forecast this week is not looking so good. We may be getting some snow on Tuesday.   I have my fingers crossed that we are spared any major accumulation and that by the end of the week things are back to normal.  (after this year I am not sure what "normal" is? )  
The fist "official" golfers of the year.   From Left to right:   Mr. John McFadden- Golf Chairman,  Mr. Thomas Torpey-Green Chairman, and Mr. Rodger Daly-Environmental, Rules & Law Chairman.  

Cement truck by pump house.   

Putting the final touches on the floor.   Next come the pumps.   They should arrive on the 31st.