Saturday, March 15, 2014


We got some more snow to melt today.  Nice that we dodged the 10 inched predicted a couple of Mondays ago.  No complaints here with us.  Next weeks forecast is so-so.  I am hoping for a good Monday because we need to finish the floor in the pump house.  The new pumps are scheduled to arrive on the 20th.  We don't have any time to waist.
This was taken a week ago.  The turkeys seem to have survived this tough winter 

Deer are eating acorns from the oak's.  

Pump house floor ready for some concrete!!!

View from other side.  

last week Owel, Tony and Ted started clearing pathways for the water as it melted.  The good news is that  I don't expect any winter kill.   The reason for my optimism is that we did not get much of an odor.  last time we had ice damage it smelled so bad that it was making me sick.   (not sure if it was the odor or just the thought of dead greens)  

We are getting close  these were taken today.    8 green is still snow covered

large part of 1 fairway and green are still snow covered.  

last week I attended Lobby Day up in Albany.   This is Mr. Rick Zimmerman our Lobbyist.  We work with NYST (New York State Turfgass Assoc.) They set up the day.   As a group we spoke to 70 different Assembly Men, Women and Senators.   The Turf industry is quite large.  In 2003 there was over 3.5 million acres of turf. 43,000 employees, a payroll of nearly 467 million and over 5 billion was spent on turf maintenance.   

A great bunch of people who with out them we would not have the conditions we have come to expect on our golf courses.  My hats off to each and everyone.