Saturday, March 1, 2014


In like a lamb out like a lion?   According to the forecast I think March is going to come in like a Polar Bear. It's been a long time since I have seen green grass.  Since we may set an all-time record for snow with this forecasted storm I started to wonder where we stand compared to other years.  I got out my record books and this is what I found:  

Last year:  2013 we opened the entire course on March 5th.  Only to get some more snow on the 8th.  We did not reopen until the 13th.  

2012: The winter that wasn't.  We opened on March 1st only restrictions were cart paths only.

2011:  The year of the Ice damage. (10 and 12 greens).  Opened on the 6th. Winter course all temps.  Opened the entire course on the 17th.  (We kept 10 and 12 temps for quite a long time that year)  

2010:  Slow start, opened the course on the 18th.  

2009:  March 8th: Front side only, carts were scattering though.  Opened totally on the 14th. 

2008:  March 6th: Winter course open --carts on paths

2007:  Totally open on the 25th. (slower start)  

2006:  Opened on the 11th.  

I have my fingers crossed that this storm will be all rain and no snow but looking back at the records it is very common to have snow in March.  It is very typical that the course doesn't open totally until the middle or end of the month.  Unfortunately, this is the most snow we have had on the ground at this time of year and with more expected.  To make things worst, the temperatures are not going to get much above freezing next week.  This may mean that we could have a very late opening this year.   Let's hope not--the days are getting longer and the sun feels stronger so I have my fingers crossed that Mother Nature will be kind to us.    

work has continued on the pump house despite the weather. 

Floor is ready for cement.  

A lot of snow needs to melt, with more on the way!!!