Friday, January 17, 2014


I saw these birds the other day and could not help but snap a couple of pictures.  I have never seen a Blue Bird in the middle of winter before.  After I talked to my bird expert they are considered a resident around these parts. But still considered some what rare.   Also a couple of eastern Towhee's were in the tree branches between 11 and 13 tees.  

We are taking advantage of some warmer days and moving a couple of trees that are getting too big in front of the 14th. championship tee.  

A Eastern Towhee. (at first I thought he was a Robin )    
A couple of nice blue birds on #6.  There colors are awesome!! 

moving a couple of trees that have become over grown in front of the 14th black tee.  

This Hydrangea is blocking the view from the tee and will be re-located.