Wednesday, December 18, 2013


As I write this, the staff is out shoveling yesterday’s snow but the forecast is for temperatures to be in the sixties by the weekend!   That keeps us jumping from project to project.   Weather permitting we are outside working on trimming trees, drainage, and other miscellaneous projects.  We just got rid of a rock that has been bugging me for a number of years.  It is in our seventeenth fairway and was only one inch below the surface.  Every summer the area would heat up and die.   We finally took the time to dig it up.  It actually was too big to move so we ended up digging a very large hole next to it and burying it deep enough so we could easily grow grass over it.   Problem solved.   

When it is too cold we work inside.  Our Head equipment Technician Greg Hand has started his winter servicing of all the different mowers.  We have over 50 different units to sharpen.  They all have to be sharp enough to cut paper if we are to expect a good cut.  Winter service also includes oil changes, tune ups, and general service of all our equipment.   Greg takes care of well over a million dollars in equipment inventory.  

When we are not helping Greg we are painting benches, ball-washers, garbage cans and general cleaning and painting of the maintenance building.  Although delayed, we are still expecting to complete the installation of new pumps for the irrigation system and expansion of a few of the championship tees by the beginning of next year’s golf season. 
In closing, from everyone here on the Greens and Grounds staff we wish you a great holiday season and a healthy and happy New Year. 
Need we say more. 
Owel taking care of yesterdays snow. 


Rock in 17 fairway. 
Burying the Rock !!!

Greg Hand our equipment Technician working on a fairway cutting unit.