Saturday, December 7, 2013


We finished putting the course to sleep this week.  All our winter fungicides have been applied.  Greens have been top-dressed.  We are expecting to start the pump house work latter this month and our tee expansions will start after Christmas.   We should be able to work on the pump house even though the winter months.

Our compost area is finished.  They only need to remove the machines.  We gained a lot of mulch which we can use next season in our flower beds and under trees. 

Another use for our native areas.  A special thanks to Carmen our Ladies Locker room Attendant  for helping decorate the front of the clubhouse for the holiday season.   Carmen painted a few of the flower seed pods to add some final touches.  All the decorations are from the course.  Can you identify the corn leaves?   Also thanks to "Pro-shop" Pam who wrapped a few Christmas presents to be placed under the tree.

Ted top-dressing greens

Making mulch.  That is steam coming from the pile. 

Holiday Decorations
All the materials came from the course. 

                              Thanks Carmen  for Decorating the planter. 

                                                        The finished Product.