Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Here is a list of projects that are proposed for this  fall.   

  • By far the biggest challenge will be the installation of our new pumps for the irrigation system.  What this will let us do is water the course quicker.   By having a shorter watering time we can irrigate closer to the morning hours.  This reduces the amount of time the grass stays wet.  This in turn helps reduce disease.  The pumps will be more energy efficient so our electric bill will be lower.  We plan on adding a “green roof” on the building to conserve heat and air conditioning.  This project should start around the middle of November.  We need to make sure the course will not need to be watered once we start the project.  
  • We are leveling and expanding the championship tees on holes 2, 11, and 15.  This is to accommodate the extra play they have been receiving.

  • The upper 14th fairway will be shifted to the left.  This is in conjunction with our master plan.   The lay of the land tends to kick the tee shot to the left so it just made sense to move the fairway over a few yards.  

We just started installing a drain by the fourth tee.  That area has always been a soft spot.  Now is a good time to do it while the ground is firm.  Not in the spring when things are soft and wet.  
New drain being installed along side of the cart path by four tee. 
On the second hole these two tees will be connected and expanded. 

On 15 the black tee will be expanded and leveled. 

11 tee will be moved back where the cart path used to be and the black tee will be leveled.

14 fairway will expanded  to the left (red flags show where new fairway will be)