Thursday, October 31, 2013


Fall is a great time to play and this year has been exceptional.  Firm fast has been the operative conditions all month.  We only have had .43 inches of rain all month.  The average is 4.57 inches.  September was similar. We had 2.57 inches and the average is 4.81 inches.   We are 6.38 inches below average for the past two months this has helped produce some great golf conditions.

We are planning on doing a dryject application (Monday, November 11th) and a “Pencil Tine Deep aeration (Monday, November 18th) on the greens.  We will also be doing a small hole aeration on greens number 8, 15, 17, and the putting green.  None of these procedures is all that disruptive and descent ball roll should be able to be obtained after a top-dressing and rolling.  Although these procedures are not as effective as the drill and fill operation they are not nearly as disruptive and will still help with some of our compaction and drainage issues.    

Tee expansions, compost area clean up, tree removals between 6 and 7, and the new pumps and pump house will all start in November.   We have already started the fairway expansion on 14.   Sod that will ultimately be destroyed with the tee expansions has been used to sod a few of our damaged bunker banks. 

They have found a small defect in our new irrigation sprinklers that is going to require a change out of the “internals”.   This is scheduled to be done next week.  The Irrigation contractor that installed the system will be here to do the work.  They will be replacing over 1,600 internals. There is no “digging” involved but because there is so many of them it will take a few days to finish.    This is a warranty issue and will be done at no expense to the club

For the next several weeks most of our time will be spent removing and mulching leaves.  Needless to say we have a very busy month ahead of us.

Started the fairway expansion on #14. 

Sodding some bunker banks. 

Pond is low for this time of year.