Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Member-Member and Fall are closing in fast.

We are busy getting things ready for this week’s member-member tournament.  Things are shaping up nicely and looks like the weather may cooperate.  (Although they are forecasting showers for Saturday---I will keep my fingers crossed)  Greens have healed up nicely and are rolling really good.   For the first time this year our new putting green is rolling the same as our other greens.  We are going to play summer rules again starting today.   The short week has us jumping just to get all the grass cut.  Next week we will start aerifying tees again.   We only got half of them done.   
We are starting to cut down some of the native areas.  This is an easy way to try and control some unwanted plants that have sprouted.   By cutting them down you don’t let them produce seed.  You also control “woody” plants before they get too big.  In some areas we will try and seed a grass mixture that will both survive our climate, add to our diversity and increase wild life habitat.  
What's your preference--black white as pictured here or lines as pictured below? 

Tony mowing down some Mugwort --not a good plant

Owel cutting down flower area between 5 and 4. 
Last Saturday the SCWA (Sparkill Creek Watershed Alliance) met at the maintenance shop before testing for Enterococcus, Nitrates, and phosphates in the Sparkill Creek.  Unfortunately the creek is not very clean.  We are testing to see if we can find out where the  pollution is coming from.  The Sparkill creek is just to the left of our 16 hole and ultimately all of our run off ends up in the creek. 

Last Saturday we hosted the Sparkill Watershed Alliance.