Monday, September 9, 2013

Back to School.

 Today is the day where millions of children return to school.  It means many beaches and swimming pools are closed for another season.  Golf can and should still be a priority. With the aerification behind us we are primed for a great fall season.  Greens are rolling much better and you can't even tell we aerified fairways.  We still have a few battle scars from the hot summer.  These areas will continue to be seeded and fertilized in the next few weeks.  

The new greens nursery left of the sixth tee is starting to take shape.  By next summer we will have the green in good enough shape to use some of the sod.  By using the plugs from the aerification the grass will match our greens. 

We had our first Monarch hatching last week.   We attach a sticker to the wing of the butterfly.  The code is then sent to the university of Kansas where they track there migration habits.  Who knows maybe one day they will find a Rockland Monarch Butterfly in Mexico. 
This is a picture of our old nursery.  Too small and not in good shape. 

Plugs laid out on expanded nursery starting to germinate. 

This Monarch just hatched.  We tagged Her (yes it is a female)  and set her free to overwinter in Mexico.