Wednesday, August 21, 2013


The hard part is done.  We finished aerifying Greens and Fairways yesterday.  We still have a few areas to clean up but the worst is over.  We will be seeding thin areas on greens and Collars over the next couple of days.  Now is a great time to seed.  Hopefully we are in the “Goldilocks” time period.   Not too hot and not too cold.  There also is less seed competition from weeds.  That is why many area courses aerify this time of year.  

What can you expect?  For the first week the greens will be bumpy and slow.   It takes at least a week for things to start to recover. We can't get a good cut, because the sand dulls the blades.  In the second week things begin to recover and cuts get better. Ball roll starts to improve.  By the third week we should be totally healed and back in business.  Fairways don't impact play because we just go to winter rules. Once they have recovered then it is business as usual and back to summer rules.    

Unfortunately aerification is a process that must be done if we are to insure good playing conditions in the future.  I want to thank our staff.  Aerification is not an easy process.  They worked some pretty long, hard hours.  
What Aerification????   from a distance you can hardly tell we did anything. 
Close up of green.  Holes are filled with sand. 
Close up of Fairway. 
Owel is preparing the green for seed. 

Close up of seed bed.  The seed is smaller than a grain of rice.