Sunday, August 11, 2013


The weather this past week has been ideal for recovery.  Many stressed areas have rebounded and the course looks great.  Not that we don’t have our problem areas.  Next week we will be starting our aerification process.  Fairways and Greens will be done first.   We will start greens on Sunday night (August 18th) after the Parent Child Tournament.  Starting at night has advantages.   It gives us a head start to make sure we finish quicker but more importantly the Cooler temperatures make the process less disruptive to the turf.  On the down side, it is hard on the staff and more difficult to see.    

We finished a drain by the green tee on number 4.  That area has been a problem all year.   It has dried up nicely, so you don’t have to walk around the wet area to get to the tee anymore.    
Drain on 4 tee empties into the pond in front. 

Side view of drain. 
Please do not practice putting in one place for too long on the putting green.   The green was just sodded late last year and is still maturing.  It is not able to handle the extreme wear that occurs if you practice in one place.  We are still mowing the green higher and letting it mature.  Hopefully next season it will roll like the rest of the course.
These worn areas are from putting in one place for too long. 
Finally our Sambucus or elderberry shrub that we planted is being enjoyed by our Mockingbirds and Catbirds.   They are constantly eating the berries.   The Mockingbird and Catbirds are both very good songsters and a nice addition to the course. 
Mockingbird enjoying some Elderberries