Monday, July 29, 2013


A wise superintendent once told me that "god grows grass till July.  After that it takes a professional".  This summer is proving him right.  The Dog days of summer have taken its toll on turf and staff.   Last week was a nice reprieve but we have some areas that succumbed to the heat.  Collars and some Aprons were hit particularly hard.  For the rest of the summer we will be turning greens mowers on boards to protect the collars.  Turning the machine causes stress and at this time of year the grass needs all the help we can give it.   It adds about 7 to 10 minutes per green, but the added time is worth it.   

The dead tree by the pool walkway has been removed.   We had no choice but to remove it quickly to prevent anyone from getting hurt if a limb fell. 

We had an irrigation leak under the ninth green that had us baffled for quite sometime.   We noticed the area was soft last month when we were getting all the rain.  The funny thing is that it is not near any irrigation pipe.   We thought it was an old drain that had gotten clogged.  As it turns out the pipe was broke deep down in the soil in the direction of the green.   We aerified, tamped and had to plug a few areas in order to level the area. 
Finally,  Greg Moore a friend of mine was in the area demoing a new machine.   This machine injects air into the soil to relieve compaction and open up pore space.   A very interesting concept and one we may use in the future.  Take a look at the video I made.  It is a very impressive machine. 

Marcos is turning the greens mower on boards placed around  perimeter. 


The dead tree was removed behind the club house for safety reasons. 
Leak under the Ninth green.  The pipe is a good 15 feet way from where we noticed the soft spot.