Monday, July 29, 2013


A wise superintendent once told me that "god grows grass till July.  After that it takes a professional".  This summer is proving him right.  The Dog days of summer have taken its toll on turf and staff.   Last week was a nice reprieve but we have some areas that succumbed to the heat.  Collars and some Aprons were hit particularly hard.  For the rest of the summer we will be turning greens mowers on boards to protect the collars.  Turning the machine causes stress and at this time of year the grass needs all the help we can give it.   It adds about 7 to 10 minutes per green, but the added time is worth it.   

The dead tree by the pool walkway has been removed.   We had no choice but to remove it quickly to prevent anyone from getting hurt if a limb fell. 

We had an irrigation leak under the ninth green that had us baffled for quite sometime.   We noticed the area was soft last month when we were getting all the rain.  The funny thing is that it is not near any irrigation pipe.   We thought it was an old drain that had gotten clogged.  As it turns out the pipe was broke deep down in the soil in the direction of the green.   We aerified, tamped and had to plug a few areas in order to level the area. 
Finally,  Greg Moore a friend of mine was in the area demoing a new machine.   This machine injects air into the soil to relieve compaction and open up pore space.   A very interesting concept and one we may use in the future.  Take a look at the video I made.  It is a very impressive machine. 

Marcos is turning the greens mower on boards placed around  perimeter. 


The dead tree was removed behind the club house for safety reasons. 
Leak under the Ninth green.  The pipe is a good 15 feet way from where we noticed the soft spot. 


Monday, July 22, 2013


The Weather takes the headlines this week.  Our heat wave officially came to an end on Sunday after six straight days over ninety.  When it gets that hot for that long it makes for some long days.  We purchased soil moisture meters with the new irrigation system to monitor moisture levels and soil temperatures.   Our 16th green hit 100 degrees for three straight days.   That is sure to make any grass sick.    Let's hope we can get back to more normal temperatures for awhile.   Area Superintendents are earning there keep this summer!!!! 

The club pro championships on Monday and Tuesday went very well.  They had over 170 players each day.  Congratulations to the Winner Rob labritz from Glen Arbor with a two day total of  8 under.

We also had the finals of our club championship this past Saturday.   Congratulations to Mr. Greg Braca  and Runner Up Mr. James Comfort for a well played tournament. 

This is our computer that monitors soil moisture and temperatures.  you can see that it was 100 degrees for three straight days. The other graph is the soil temperature at a 7 inch depth.  (the 100 degrees is at a depth of 3 inches). 


Mr. Charlie Robson is the Executive Director of the Met PGA. 
Frank Darby is the PGA's Set up man.   He is also the golf Coach for St. John's. 

Leader boards set up in club house.

They had the leader boards posted in the club house on computer screens.


Congratulation to Mr. Greg Braca our Club Champion!!!!

Runner up Mr. Jim Comfort Congratulations to all the champions. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013


CC's and CPC's will have us busy these next few days.   What are CC's and CPC's you ask???

CC's are our very own Club Championships.  Finals for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd flights are today.  Next week we will crown our Official Club Champion.    The CPC's are the Club Pro Championships that will be held here tomorrow and Tuesday.   If you get a chance to swing by, the finals on Tuesday afternoon are pretty exciting to watch.  Some of these pros will be competing in the PGA Championships this August at Oak Hill in Rochester New York

On the course we have been battling the heat and rain.   Disease becomes a major problem.  Below are some pictures of some Brown Patch with some Dollar spot mixed in on our 16th fairway.  We have since applied a fungicide to prevent any further damage. 

only a disease pathologist can like these pictures. 

We had a chance to add some gravel to make a turn around by our third tee.  Now if you drive down the path to see if any one is ahead of you.  When you come back to the tee you can use the turn around to get you back, facing the right direction.   

We have a dead tree by the pool walk way behind our club house.  This tree has been deemed unsafe by our arborist and is scheduled for removal as soon as possible. 
Finally, I saw these two fawns running across the course.  Not sure where mom is but they are cute when they are young. 




Thursday, July 4, 2013


I hope everyone has a good holiday.  I for one am hoping of no more rain.   Below is a picture of the 18th fairway.    Earlier in the week--Monday to be exact. 

 Below is a picture of the first hole
It seems like it has been raining everyday.   Below are some Blue Bird Fledglings who are staying nice and dry.   We are having one of our best years with Blue Birds.  These happy campers put us
over 30 fledglings for the year. 

Not sure why, but I have not seen any Monarch butterflies.  Here are a few Anise Swallowtail caterpillars munching on the fennel by the 18th tee.  
The rains didn't bother them at all   !!!!