Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Mother Nature came through last week with some great golf weather.  The Commemorative was timed perfectly between heavy rains and the heat wave that we are having right now.  Congratulations to all the flight winners and this years  over all winner:  Mr. Ed Carpezzi and  Mr. Joe Stewart.    

Last week we  received our shipment of carp.  These fish we put in the pond on eight.  They eat the weeds that allow are sonic solutions device to work.  This helps keep the Algae out of the pond.  You probably have seen them, they like to cruise along the surface and get really, really big.   

All the bunkers have been edged.  Now we are going through them and making sure there is four inches of sand through out the entire bunker.   The sand moves quite a bit because of heavy rains, wind, and play.   We have to do this at least twice a year.  The course is as green as ever!!!!  Because of the new irrigation system we added an extra fertilizer application to the roughs.  It is really noticeable.   
The course has never been this green this time of year.  The extra fertilizer we applied is really noticeable. 


Checking sand Depths.   We maintain at least four inches through out the bunkers
Some weed eating Carp for the pond on eight. 
Member-Guest Play Off on the 1st. Hole. 
The players going down #10.  There was a nice crowd following everyone