Sunday, June 2, 2013


Once every seventeen years the Cicada's burrow from around trees and emerge to reproduce.   They really don't hurt any thing and aren't really considered a pest.  That is unless they decided to use your back yard as there breeding spot.  Then the noise can be deafening.   Luckily for us they seem to be over in the old IBM area to the right of number twelve.  We have a few flying around.  I took a picture of this one on the twelfth green.  We seem to have been saved from the worst of it. 

I want to thank the staff pictured below.   They are sporting there new uniforms.  They won't make the cover of "GQ" but I am lucky to have such a good  bunch of gentlemen to work with. 

I put my knife down so you could get an idea of how big they are. 

They won't win prettiest insect award. 
The Greens and Grounds Crew.