Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Mother Nature came through last week with some great golf weather.  The Commemorative was timed perfectly between heavy rains and the heat wave that we are having right now.  Congratulations to all the flight winners and this years  over all winner:  Mr. Ed Carpezzi and  Mr. Joe Stewart.    

Last week we  received our shipment of carp.  These fish we put in the pond on eight.  They eat the weeds that allow are sonic solutions device to work.  This helps keep the Algae out of the pond.  You probably have seen them, they like to cruise along the surface and get really, really big.   

All the bunkers have been edged.  Now we are going through them and making sure there is four inches of sand through out the entire bunker.   The sand moves quite a bit because of heavy rains, wind, and play.   We have to do this at least twice a year.  The course is as green as ever!!!!  Because of the new irrigation system we added an extra fertilizer application to the roughs.  It is really noticeable.   
The course has never been this green this time of year.  The extra fertilizer we applied is really noticeable. 


Checking sand Depths.   We maintain at least four inches through out the bunkers
Some weed eating Carp for the pond on eight. 
Member-Guest Play Off on the 1st. Hole. 
The players going down #10.  There was a nice crowd following everyone


Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Our big member guest tournament is only a couple of days away.  We are busy getting things ready.  We have only a few more bunkers to edge. All of the rough has been fertilized and with all the rain we need to make sure we get it cut or you will have U.S. Open type roughs.  Hopefully the rains will hold off and the course will dry out. 

In the category of: You can teach and OLD DOG a new trick.  In the upper right hand corner of this blog.  I have added a new box called Rockland Information.  I always wanted an area that you could direct someone to look at some pictures of our great golf course and get some information about each hole.  

We have some great news regarding our environmental efforts.  We are continuing our relationship with STAC, River Keeper, and The Sparkill Creek Water shed Alliance.   We monitor the creek for Enterococcus (a bacteria found in sewage)  and nitrates and phosphates.  We need to continue for about another year to see if patterns develop.   Unfortunately the Sparkill Creek is in bad shape and needs some help.  It is not far away from us, only a couple of yards across the street on the left hand side of 16.  Ultimately all of our run off drains into the Creek. 

Last and certainly not least we have been designated by the Sate of New York as an Environmental Leader.  This is quite an honor and comes with some responsibility.  The idea is to operate our  facility in a way that other business can copy and learn from what we are doing.  More info will follow and be posted on our Audubon bulletin board in the Club house. 

Chico rolling greens with our new roller--it is electric--no more worries about hydraulic leaks!!!!

Jim is handing over our samples to John Lipscomb from River keeper.  The samples have to be kept in black plastic bags and be kept cool to preserve them. 

 The riverkeeper boat. 

A great accomplishment for the Club !!!!

Native areas are starting to take shape. 



Sunday, June 9, 2013

More Rain and Hyperodes Weevils.

We had over 4 inches of rain on Friday.  This makes for a soggy weekend.  Thanks to all those who stayed on the paths Saturday.  By Sunday we had dried out enough to scatter. 

We have had a lot of comments regarding the elimination of the step cut.  We had stopped mowing it for various reasons but the good news is we have started mowing it again.  It will take some time to get it down to one inch because we don't want to scalp it too much. 

It is the time of year that we battle Hyperodes Weevils.  They are very small but can do a lot of damage.  The larvae (pictured here)  eat the roots.   once they turn into the adult stage they don't eat any more but they do lay more eggs  and the cycle continues.  We know what the damage looks like and scout for them everyday.  We have spot sprayed some areas and continue to be on the look out. 

Step cut is now being mowed. 

Hyperodes Weevil---they are small but they can cause a lot of damage. 
This fellow was on the club house wall.  He is some kind of Sphinx Moth. 

Sunday, June 2, 2013


Once every seventeen years the Cicada's burrow from around trees and emerge to reproduce.   They really don't hurt any thing and aren't really considered a pest.  That is unless they decided to use your back yard as there breeding spot.  Then the noise can be deafening.   Luckily for us they seem to be over in the old IBM area to the right of number twelve.  We have a few flying around.  I took a picture of this one on the twelfth green.  We seem to have been saved from the worst of it. 

I want to thank the staff pictured below.   They are sporting there new uniforms.  They won't make the cover of "GQ" but I am lucky to have such a good  bunch of gentlemen to work with. 

I put my knife down so you could get an idea of how big they are. 

They won't win prettiest insect award. 
The Greens and Grounds Crew.