Friday, May 17, 2013

This week went by FAST !!!!

Last Saturday we had our annual bird watch.  We counted 44 different species this year.  One more than last year.  Drew Ciganek (a local resident of Piermont who is a expert birder) once again helped us out.   But the Turkey that Rodger Daly saw on 18 while playing his round put us over last years record.  Thanks to all who helped out this year.   44 birds is quite an accomplishment. 

Monday nights frost warnings had us scrambling to find shelter for all of our annuals.  We loaded up the truck and moved it into the shop for the night.  Luckily we had no casualties.

We were busy planting the old path between 12 and 14 tees.  we kept a walking path through the area  and planted the rest.  You would never have known the cart path was there.  It will also help separate the teeing areas. 

The putting green is officially open.  It is rolling a 9 today so it is slower than the rest of the greens.  In time it will be a great addition to the course. 

Mr. Drew Ciganek  our expert birder 
This is Andres planting where the old cart path was between 12 and 14 tees. 

Loaded up the truck and moved the plants inside to avoid the frost. 


Putting green is officially open.