Saturday, May 25, 2013


A successful tournament and a full pond round out this weeks endeavors.  Not to be out done by Dr. John Rosko who is a professor from STAC (Saint Thomas Aquinas College) who was here on Monday with his Ecology class.  They didn't have much luck catching any fish   I think they were too fast for him. 

Dr. Rosko from STAC trying to catch some fish in our pond on 8. 

The MGA held there local Ike qualifier here on Wednesday.   Congratulations to our very own Mr. Nhi Tran who qualified with a score of 74!!!   Only 15 people qualified out of over 120 players.  Way to go !!!! 

Congratulation to Mr. Neh Tran who qualified with a 74.

The Week finished with nothing but rain.  We had over 3.5 inches on Thursday-Friday  and topped that off with another .34 inches Saturday.  At least the pond is full. 

12 fairway during the heavy rains. 


A view from the 13th. tee during the rain.