Saturday, May 25, 2013


A successful tournament and a full pond round out this weeks endeavors.  Not to be out done by Dr. John Rosko who is a professor from STAC (Saint Thomas Aquinas College) who was here on Monday with his Ecology class.  They didn't have much luck catching any fish   I think they were too fast for him. 

Dr. Rosko from STAC trying to catch some fish in our pond on 8. 

The MGA held there local Ike qualifier here on Wednesday.   Congratulations to our very own Mr. Nhi Tran who qualified with a score of 74!!!   Only 15 people qualified out of over 120 players.  Way to go !!!! 

Congratulation to Mr. Neh Tran who qualified with a 74.

The Week finished with nothing but rain.  We had over 3.5 inches on Thursday-Friday  and topped that off with another .34 inches Saturday.  At least the pond is full. 

12 fairway during the heavy rains. 


A view from the 13th. tee during the rain. 


Friday, May 17, 2013

This week went by FAST !!!!

Last Saturday we had our annual bird watch.  We counted 44 different species this year.  One more than last year.  Drew Ciganek (a local resident of Piermont who is a expert birder) once again helped us out.   But the Turkey that Rodger Daly saw on 18 while playing his round put us over last years record.  Thanks to all who helped out this year.   44 birds is quite an accomplishment. 

Monday nights frost warnings had us scrambling to find shelter for all of our annuals.  We loaded up the truck and moved it into the shop for the night.  Luckily we had no casualties.

We were busy planting the old path between 12 and 14 tees.  we kept a walking path through the area  and planted the rest.  You would never have known the cart path was there.  It will also help separate the teeing areas. 

The putting green is officially open.  It is rolling a 9 today so it is slower than the rest of the greens.  In time it will be a great addition to the course. 

Mr. Drew Ciganek  our expert birder 
This is Andres planting where the old cart path was between 12 and 14 tees. 

Loaded up the truck and moved the plants inside to avoid the frost. 


Putting green is officially open. 

Friday, May 10, 2013


10 green lighter color is bent grass
The course really greened up over the past couple of days.  It is amazing what a little rain and sunshine can do.  I had a couple of questions regarding some discoloration on a few of our greens.  This is actually due to the ice damage that we had two years ago.  Our greens are a combination of Poa's and Bent grasses.    When we had the ice damage only one type of grass survived (the Bents)   and these have come to dominate the areas.

close up view


Once the weather gets warmer the growth patterns of the different grasses will even out.  So not to worry.  We don't have any major disease issues or any thing else.  It's just mother nature at work. 

Notice any blue lines on the course?   If you do, it is because we are going to extend some of the native areas by using the new paths as borders.  These native areas will be seeded to either a wild flower mix or grass mix.  These native areas help save money, add habitat for wild life, improve aesthetics, and add strategy to the game.  Because they are started from seed they will take a year or two to become established and function like we want them to.       

Our annual bird watch is tomorrow.  Grab an application from the pro shop and write down all the birds you see on the course.   A couple of years ago we did not see a hawk so we couldn't count them.
You don't need to be an expert, just be in the right place at the right time. 

blue line by 3 green tee. 

Hope this guy hangs around for tomorrow.  he is a rose-breasted grosbeak. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thanks KRB !!!!

Thanks KRB !!!!

   I bet you are asking who or what is KRB?    It  stands for Keep Rockland Beautiful.  They must have been cleaning 9W  next to our entrance.   I noticed there garbage bags earlier this week with there stickers.  They are a great organization, that has helped clean our county's roads, parks and water ways.  Thanks KRB. 

I have gotten a few questions regarding our paths.  A few areas were done when the asphalt was too cold.  This is why they are "crumbling" in a few locations.  The contractor has been made aware of this and will come back on a Monday and fix the problem.  They also have to fix the areas where extra Belgium block was installed on 8 and 14 turn arounds. 

The staff taking a training class with our new greens mowers. 

We just accepted delivery of our new hand green mowers.  Our old mowers were in need of repairs. These new mowers will help keep our green speeds up by improving the quality of cut.  They are also electric which helps with emissions and noise. 

Putting green is taking shape. 

The putting green is taking shape.  We will be aerifying, top-dressing, and seeding weak areas this Monday.   I am expecting to open it for play on Saturday May 18th. 

Finally:  Don't forget our annual Bird Watch is Saturday May 11th.  If your interested, Mr. Drew Ciganek will once again be helping us Identify all the different species we have.  Meet us at the maintenance facility at 7:00 am if you would like to join us or just grab a bird inventory form in the pro-shop and write down the birds you see while golfing. 

                                       This is a green Heron that I spotted earlier in the week.