Friday, April 19, 2013


Early spring means getting things ready and open for play.  Like everything else, there are always wrenches thrown in to make things interesting.  This week we noticed the large Zelkova tree was cracked and needs some emergency attention.  We will have a threaded rod installed along with some cabling to keep the tree from splitting.   Because of the new paths we had to move some ball washers and Tee rocks.  We are still working on these.   A small leak on a large pipe on the irrigation system was noticed and our contractor had to come and fix it.  We have been checking the irrigation system, seems that some of the sprinklers went out of adjustment when the system was winterized last fall.  The manufacture has been alerted to the problem and is working on a solution so that it doesn’t happen again.   All in the life of spring start up on golf courses!!!!

Tony is fixing leak on our main irrigation line. 

Crack in Zelkova tree between 5 tee and 6 green.  This is our Arborist Dean, inspecting the tree. 

Moving the tee rock on 11. 

I thought this was interesting. The Daffodil shows where the flower bed used to be before the new path was installed.  This is the 11th. tee.