Thursday, April 11, 2013


Normally I would not be wishing too hard for spring rains but having 3 acres of sod will make anybody wish for some liquid sunshine from Mother Nature.  We did receive a little over a half inch last night and more is expected tomorrow.  That should hold us over for a while and free up a few hands to continue our course clean up.   The course is starting to shape up.  The greens aerification holes are starting to fill in.  We put out our regular pins and cups today and started placing our ball washers and garbage cans in there normal locations.   

On a good note, the putting green is looking better every day and the winter cover has officially been pulled off.   I am expecting a mid May opening for the green and the first tee will be open this Saturday.   We are making progress.  Tony is top-dressing the green, this helps firm up and smooth the surface.   Jose is cutting down the native areas.  We do this to keep the weeds down with out having to spray herbicides.  
Aramus and Marcos putting the winter putting green cover away. 

Jose mowing down the native areas

Tony top-dressing the putting green.