Thursday, April 4, 2013


Our seasonal staff returned to work this past Monday.   The first order of business is to clean up all the small twigs and debris left behind from the long winter.  Once we get a good jump on that, we will start raking bunkers.   The greens still have the open holes from our late fall aerification.   They just need some warmer weather to get them growing.  By the end of the month they should be fully healed.  There is certainly no shortage of work to be done. 

Some of the Sod on the putting green dried out before we could get the irrigation system up and running.   I don't think this will be a major problem.  We are keeping the sod moist now that we  have water and the areas are all ready showing signs of growth.   Some warmer temperatures will surly help speed the recovery.  

The cart paths are 99% done.  The contractor is putting the finishing touches on some of the edges that need to be sodded.  The expansion with # 17 fairway turned out great.   The paths are a great addition to the course.  

Some areas dried out on the new Putting Green

I am still expecting to be able to open the green by the middle of May. 

we added a few mulched paths for the maintenance crew to get around the course. 

17 fairway expansion came out great.