Friday, April 26, 2013


Cool weather and lack of rain fall seems to have slowed down the arrival of spring.  Greens are rolling much better but still showing the effects of our December aerification.  Uneven growth in the roughs, and no leaves on trees just makes it seem like winter just doesn't want to let go.  

Not to worry.  warmer weather is on its way and it will not take long for things to "pop".    This past week is the first week we started mowing some roughs.  Fairways and tees were mowed twice so the grass is starting to grow.  We got our water features up and running this week and I spotted this blue bird on # 4.  When the sun catches them just right there color is amazing. 

Water feature on 8

water feature on 4 is up and running. 

Our Blue Birds are back, There color is amazing !!!