Friday, March 22, 2013

We are open ???

But only for the brave.   With temperatures only in the low 40's and a brisk wind, to say it is a little chilly is an understatement.   We have been working on the stream on number 4.  When we moved the path and added the new tee, we had to also re-work the stream. 

The sod on the putting green is starting to knit.   In the next couple of weeks we will roll, aerify and start mowing it.  Once we get into April we may be removing the cover during the day and putting it back on at night.  It all depends on Mother Nature.  I expect to be able to open the green for play some time mid-May.  By that time it should be fully knitted and we should be mowing it regularly.  It will be mowed higher, and will roll slower than our other greens until it gets a chance to mature.   The First Tee should be ready for play sooner. 

The wind blew the cover off the green a few weeks ago. 

A few weeks ago the sod had just barely started pushing roots. 

Picture taken today.  Sod is finally starting to take root. 

Ted and Pete, working on stream on number 4.