Friday, March 15, 2013

LOBBYING FOR TURF GRASS--Don't take this for granted !!

This past Wednesday I spent the day in Albany with 48 of the turf industry's finest.  We were lobbying the Senate and Assembly (we met with over 70 elected officials)  to support legislature that is extremely important.   You probably haven't even thought about it but if it wasn't for the efforts of a few key people we would not have the golf course conditions that we have come to expect.  For one example There is tremendous resistance to the use of pesticides, and with out these lobby days and the help from a few key people I am sure we would have lost the use of some of them if not all of them.   We should thank these key people: 
  • Larry Wilson and Wayne Lair, Jr. :  New York Alliance for Environmental Concerns,
  • Steve Griffen: President New York State Turf Grass Association
  • Michael Maffei,  CGCS  (Certified Golf Course Superintendent)
  • Ken Benoit, Jr.  CGCS 
  • Joseph Potrikus, CSFM, New York State Turf Grass Association
The four main issues we lobbied for are:
  1. Being able to apply pesticides at less than label rates.
  2. Adopt a State wide definition of IPM  (Integrated Pest Management)
  3. Turfgrass Environmental Stewardship Fund
  4. Best Management Practices for N.Y. State Golf Courses. 
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From left to right,   Me,  Mike Maffei, Wayne Lair  in Albany for Lobby Day.