Thursday, February 28, 2013

Last Day in February

Some Stirrings have been witnessed around the club house these last few days.   Juan has started carpet cleaning,  Pam is dusting the Pro Shop, and Junior and staff are prepping for next weeks Lunch specials.  All this must mean that the club is getting ready to open.   (The club house offically opens March 5th.) 

We have been busy painting and getting the equipment ready for the season. We will be busy getting the course ready. Right now it's just too wet to get much accomplished. Hopefully March is kind to us this year and we get a head start on finishing our cart path project and you get a chance to loosen up those golfing muscles. More to follow as the weather gets better, I'll keep you posted.   

Most of the snow melted yesterday. 
Painting benches

sharpening and servicing our rough mowers. 

this is snow mold, a cold weather disease on our first tee.  luckly I havn't seen too much anywhere else.