Thursday, January 17, 2013

moving forward

Even with a snow covered course, work around cart paths is progressing.  They are putting soil around the edges of the paths.  Weather permitting, they will be able to sod. (might be wish full thinking). Work has started in the pump house.  We removed all of our irrigation supplies out of the building. Today, the electrician is removing all the electrical panels. 

The Greens and Grounds committee along with the golf committee has decided to use temporary greens no matter what the conditions or weather is during the months of January and February.  This is being done for a couple of different reasons.  Most importantly to make sure the greens are in the best possible condition this spring and also to save a couple of budget dollars.  With the economy being what it is,  it is far better to save on labor this time of year than to try and save during the golfing season. 

Working along path on 16

Pump house has been cleaned out.  

electrical panels need to be removed.  

Can you believe "shorts" in January!!!!