Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year

With the recent snows and cold temperatures not much has happened with our cart paths.  Looks like we got the paving done just in time.    

Because of Holidays, Vacation time and being budget prudent we have used these past few weeks to recharge our batteries and prepare for the upcoming season.   If things stay frozen we will work on shop improvements, and tree pruning.  If the weather gets nice, the contractor will come back and  continue working around the paths.  Shortly, we will be starting the final phase of the irrigation system.  That is the pump house and new pumps.  I will keep you posted on all that develops.   We want to get as much accomplished before the start of next years golfing season.  Stay tuned...... more to come....    

Took advantage of the holidays by painting the floor and made a new Bench for Greg our head Mechanic.