Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cart path update:

Our contractor has been making progress even with the bad weather.  They have been adding the soil around the new paths to "level" them.  All the paths now have the soil in place.   This is in preparation for sod.  As soon as the sod farmers can cut the sod we will be ready to go.  

Besides sodding around the new paths. we need to sod where the old paths were,  finish new forward tees on 11 and 4.  level area where old path cut across the rough on 3, enlarge upper fairway on 17.   Long term will include enlarging native areas using the new paths as borders and too "hide" paths from view for aesthetic reasons and add some perennials were new paths travel around tees.  Work will start soon on the pump house.  More to follow on that. 

If your out an about doing some spring cleaning, keep your eyes open for Praying Mantis egg sacks.  Keep them around they are a very beneficial insect. 

close up view of Praying Mantis egg sacks. 
I put my keys on the limb so you could get an idea of there size. 

soil around new path 14 green 15 tee area.