Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cart path update:

Our contractor has been making progress even with the bad weather.  They have been adding the soil around the new paths to "level" them.  All the paths now have the soil in place.   This is in preparation for sod.  As soon as the sod farmers can cut the sod we will be ready to go.  

Besides sodding around the new paths. we need to sod where the old paths were,  finish new forward tees on 11 and 4.  level area where old path cut across the rough on 3, enlarge upper fairway on 17.   Long term will include enlarging native areas using the new paths as borders and too "hide" paths from view for aesthetic reasons and add some perennials were new paths travel around tees.  Work will start soon on the pump house.  More to follow on that. 

If your out an about doing some spring cleaning, keep your eyes open for Praying Mantis egg sacks.  Keep them around they are a very beneficial insect. 

close up view of Praying Mantis egg sacks. 
I put my keys on the limb so you could get an idea of there size. 

soil around new path 14 green 15 tee area. 

Saturday, January 26, 2013


Making a career of environmentalism

Jan 23 2013 | John Reitman

In his 18 years at Rockland Country Club, Matthew Ceplo, CGCS, has made environmental stewardship a way of life.

He led Rockland through Audubon International certification in 2000, and has continued those efforts to promote the course in Sparkill, N.Y., as a wildlife-friendly environment.

Ceplo's stewardship efforts have not gone unnoticed. Next month at the Golf Industry Show in San Diego he will receive the GCSAA President's Award for Environmental Stewardship.

The annual award recognizes an exceptional environmental contribution to the game of golf that exemplifies the superintendents image as a steward of the land, according to GCSAA.

Ceplo's stewardship outreach at Rockland includes an annual bird count on the property, and recently he completed the club's first-ever butterfly count with the help of local naturalist and butterfly expert John Lampkin. According to count results, at least 42 species of birds and 15 butterfly varieties call Rockland home at some time throughout the year.

Ceplo also conducted a Monarch (butterfly) Tagging Day, in which 17 members of two local Girl Scout troops helped tag Monarch butterflies at Rockland as part of a University of Kansas butterfly-tracking study

In September 2012 the club held its first fishing derby for children. The event, which was a tribute to Bill Moran, who played a key role in helping Ceplo with the Audubon International project, attracted 14 children who not only had fun catching fish, but also learned a thing or two about water quality management on golf courses in the process.

Ceplo, who has worked at Rockland since 1995, is a 1980 graduate of the State University of New York, Delhi, where he earned an associates degree in horticulture. He has been a TurfNet member since 1996.

His path toward environmental stewardship has been accomplished at a slow and steady pace, and it's a trip that began several years ago when he attended an informative meeting conducted by Joe Alonzi at Westchester Country Club about the Audubon International program.

"You take one step at a time and before you know it you've gone somewhere," Ceplo said.

In 2011, he received the GSA New York Environmental Stewardship Award. Given annually by the Global Sports Alliance, the award recognizes an individual who demonstrates an exception commitment to protecting the environment in the management of a recreational or sports venue.


Thursday, January 17, 2013

moving forward

Even with a snow covered course, work around cart paths is progressing.  They are putting soil around the edges of the paths.  Weather permitting, they will be able to sod. (might be wish full thinking). Work has started in the pump house.  We removed all of our irrigation supplies out of the building. Today, the electrician is removing all the electrical panels. 

The Greens and Grounds committee along with the golf committee has decided to use temporary greens no matter what the conditions or weather is during the months of January and February.  This is being done for a couple of different reasons.  Most importantly to make sure the greens are in the best possible condition this spring and also to save a couple of budget dollars.  With the economy being what it is,  it is far better to save on labor this time of year than to try and save during the golfing season. 

Working along path on 16

Pump house has been cleaned out.  

electrical panels need to be removed.  

Can you believe "shorts" in January!!!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Winter update:

Why do we have to play Temporary Greens? 

There are two main conditions that justify closing our regular greens. 

1.     If the greens have any frost there could be significant damage. 

2.     The greens are too soft. 

If the greens are soft they could be damaged by foot printing and become extremely bumpy.  This occurs when the sub soil is still frozen and the top thaws out.  Water on or near the surface can’t drain and as a result the greens become very soft.  We check the course every morning, if the forecast is for a sunny warm day we will use the temporary greens.  If the forecast is for cold (they stay frozen)  we can use regular greens. 

Why don’t you open the entire golf course? 

That’s an easy one.  Holes 12, 14, and 15 are shadier and thus the snow takes a lot longer to melt.

Hope this helps answer a few of your questions.  If you have others please feel free to call or email me anytime.  

15 green is shaded

course conditions are posted in the 19th. hole

Play is restricted to members only!!!!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year

With the recent snows and cold temperatures not much has happened with our cart paths.  Looks like we got the paving done just in time.    

Because of Holidays, Vacation time and being budget prudent we have used these past few weeks to recharge our batteries and prepare for the upcoming season.   If things stay frozen we will work on shop improvements, and tree pruning.  If the weather gets nice, the contractor will come back and  continue working around the paths.  Shortly, we will be starting the final phase of the irrigation system.  That is the pump house and new pumps.  I will keep you posted on all that develops.   We want to get as much accomplished before the start of next years golfing season.  Stay tuned...... more to come....    

Took advantage of the holidays by painting the floor and made a new Bench for Greg our head Mechanic.