Thursday, December 13, 2012


The end is in sight and just in time, the paving plant is shutting down next week.   The only areas left to pave are 15, 16 tee and the road to the compost or dump area.  17 came out great.  That was the only path that I thought we would have trouble fitting in but it looks great. 

We had some "free" extra sod from the putting green so the staff is taking advantage.  We made a new chipping area to the right of the 18th green.  We are in the process of installing some rough sod around the 8th green between the green and the pond.  If you make it over the water you will be in the rough instead of the native area.  Next, we want to enlarge and level the ladies tee on eleven.  To be honest that tee is an embarrassment and really needs to be fixed!!!!

Touching up the half way house path. 

The new path on 17 looks great.  It is less visible than the old one. 

Paving the path for 15.  (this path connects the maintenance shop to the course) 
Ted, Owel and Tony removing sod on 18 and installing extra sod from the P.G.
Finished collar area on 18 green.  Came out great.