Saturday, November 3, 2012

Power at the shop---no power in the club house

We are still feeling the effects of hurricane Sandy.  Club House is with out power.  We got power at the shop some time last night.    We have been busy with course clean up,  and cart path construction started on Thursday barely missing a beat.  These pictures tell the tree story. 

This is behind 16 green.   Lucky it didn't fall on the green.   Luckier it didn't fall on the neighbors house. 

Two trees here,  between 3 and 4. 

Some people may miss this one.  between 12 and 14 tees. 

Hickory between 11 and 13. 

Despite having their shop flooded. The construction crew started up work this past Thursday. The Asphalt plants are still shut down so they concentrated on prepping  the path between 11 and 13 
 and started sodding 7 and 8. 

Path behind 7 green has been removed and was sodded yesterday. 
Benjamin had to remove the stump in the middle of the path on 13 tee.  I don't know why he is smiling.  : )