Friday, November 30, 2012

November 30th.

Doesn't December just sound cold?  I thought I would update this blog before the cold sets in.  (even though it is supposed to warm up next week).   Good news the Mix that we chose to build the Putting Green meets USGA specs.  They started installing it today.  It will be 12 inches deep.  They work from one edge to the other accross the green. This way the bull dozer actually never touches the gravel.   The irrigation was installed on Monday. 

Cart path work keep progressing.  Today they are sodding down 11 and 13 cart paths.   They are fast approaching the most difficult area on the course.  That is by the 17 th green.   Making the transition up to the green is going to be difficult.  It needs to be smooth and wide enough for our maintenance equipment because we are eliminating the main road that runs through the fairway.  When finished, It will be a big improvement. 

Installing Irrigation at Putting Green

Installing greens mix to cavity of Putting Green 

John spreading mix. 

Widening Path toward 17 green.