Monday, November 12, 2012


Work is progressing at a frantic pace.  The practice green is starting to take shape.  The sub-grade should be approved tomorrow or Wednesday.  The next step is installing the drainage.  We are following the USGA guidelines for putting green construction.  This method has been proven for many years and is the same procedure we used on our other new greens. 

They paved the path on 10 and 11 tee Saturday.  Today they are paving 13 tee and working down the fairway where the two paths intersect.  From there it is up to the green. 

Our staff has been busy with leaves and clean up.  Believe it or not we had to plow 3 inches of snow on Thursday.  Some of the extra putting green sod will be used to expand our greens.  The picture below shows Owel enlarging the 6th. green. 

lastly:  Today we are aerifying greens.  it is going very well, but I am worried about tomorrows forecast.  We can not aerify if it is raining.  The sand will not go in the holes.  Give the PUTT line a call for the latest course conditions. 

Owel expanding the 6th green. 
moving along with the putting green expansion
Aerifying greens today. 

New path 10 green turn around.