Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

I can't believe it has been over a week since my last post.  Things are moving along at a good pace.  Today, they are working on the paths on holes 3 and 4 and are paving the paths on holes 17 and 16.  Tomorrow they are going to sod around some of the paths that have been paved.  The Practice Putting green has the drainage installed and the gravel layer is in place.  We are waiting on the greens mix.  It needs to be tested for particle shape and size so that it conforms to the USGA guide lines.  The contractor is not working this Thursday and Friday because of the holiday.   Next week we will install the Irrigation in the putting green and continue with the paths.  

We have laid off our seasonal staff.   I want to thank them for another year of hard work and dedication.  I could not do it with out them.  With all the work being done, leaves to pick up and winterizing left to do the remaining staff has their hands full.  Thanks for your patience during the construction, we are doing everything possible to provide you with the best possible conditions.   

My best to all of you,  have a great Healthy and Happy Thanksgiving !!!!!!

John and Joe checking depths of gravel layer

gravel layer installed and first tee being stripped and leveled.

Taking advantage of a frosty morning Stan and Adonis are planting Tulips. 

Paving the cart path on 14.  The Truck is bringing  the asphalt to the paving machine.