Monday, November 5, 2012


It was nice to drive in this morning and see power in the club house.  It will take some time for Chef Matt and Mike along with the staff to get things up and running.  All the food needs to be ordered and  restocked.  When I was up there this morning Mike was working on getting the fire alarms reset and working. 

I want to thank my staff for getting the course playable as fast as they did.  We had some major clean up that needed to be done.  A few of them had to wait in lines for hours just to get some gas so that they could make it here.  I missed Halloween (or may be not----Chris Christie postponed it till tonight in New Jersey)   Our construction company started the first step in rebuilding our putting green.   No rest for the weary. 

Mr. Tod Growick, and Mr. Dominick Ragone enjoying some post Sandy Golf 

Chef Matt was all set for Halloween. 

They started work on the putting green today. 

Staff did a great job getting the course ready for play.