Friday, November 30, 2012

November 30th.

Doesn't December just sound cold?  I thought I would update this blog before the cold sets in.  (even though it is supposed to warm up next week).   Good news the Mix that we chose to build the Putting Green meets USGA specs.  They started installing it today.  It will be 12 inches deep.  They work from one edge to the other accross the green. This way the bull dozer actually never touches the gravel.   The irrigation was installed on Monday. 

Cart path work keep progressing.  Today they are sodding down 11 and 13 cart paths.   They are fast approaching the most difficult area on the course.  That is by the 17 th green.   Making the transition up to the green is going to be difficult.  It needs to be smooth and wide enough for our maintenance equipment because we are eliminating the main road that runs through the fairway.  When finished, It will be a big improvement. 

Installing Irrigation at Putting Green

Installing greens mix to cavity of Putting Green 

John spreading mix. 

Widening Path toward 17 green. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

I can't believe it has been over a week since my last post.  Things are moving along at a good pace.  Today, they are working on the paths on holes 3 and 4 and are paving the paths on holes 17 and 16.  Tomorrow they are going to sod around some of the paths that have been paved.  The Practice Putting green has the drainage installed and the gravel layer is in place.  We are waiting on the greens mix.  It needs to be tested for particle shape and size so that it conforms to the USGA guide lines.  The contractor is not working this Thursday and Friday because of the holiday.   Next week we will install the Irrigation in the putting green and continue with the paths.  

We have laid off our seasonal staff.   I want to thank them for another year of hard work and dedication.  I could not do it with out them.  With all the work being done, leaves to pick up and winterizing left to do the remaining staff has their hands full.  Thanks for your patience during the construction, we are doing everything possible to provide you with the best possible conditions.   

My best to all of you,  have a great Healthy and Happy Thanksgiving !!!!!!

John and Joe checking depths of gravel layer

gravel layer installed and first tee being stripped and leveled.

Taking advantage of a frosty morning Stan and Adonis are planting Tulips. 

Paving the cart path on 14.  The Truck is bringing  the asphalt to the paving machine. 

Monday, November 12, 2012


Work is progressing at a frantic pace.  The practice green is starting to take shape.  The sub-grade should be approved tomorrow or Wednesday.  The next step is installing the drainage.  We are following the USGA guidelines for putting green construction.  This method has been proven for many years and is the same procedure we used on our other new greens. 

They paved the path on 10 and 11 tee Saturday.  Today they are paving 13 tee and working down the fairway where the two paths intersect.  From there it is up to the green. 

Our staff has been busy with leaves and clean up.  Believe it or not we had to plow 3 inches of snow on Thursday.  Some of the extra putting green sod will be used to expand our greens.  The picture below shows Owel enlarging the 6th. green. 

lastly:  Today we are aerifying greens.  it is going very well, but I am worried about tomorrows forecast.  We can not aerify if it is raining.  The sand will not go in the holes.  Give the PUTT line a call for the latest course conditions. 

Owel expanding the 6th green. 
moving along with the putting green expansion
Aerifying greens today. 

New path 10 green turn around. 


Monday, November 5, 2012


It was nice to drive in this morning and see power in the club house.  It will take some time for Chef Matt and Mike along with the staff to get things up and running.  All the food needs to be ordered and  restocked.  When I was up there this morning Mike was working on getting the fire alarms reset and working. 

I want to thank my staff for getting the course playable as fast as they did.  We had some major clean up that needed to be done.  A few of them had to wait in lines for hours just to get some gas so that they could make it here.  I missed Halloween (or may be not----Chris Christie postponed it till tonight in New Jersey)   Our construction company started the first step in rebuilding our putting green.   No rest for the weary. 

Mr. Tod Growick, and Mr. Dominick Ragone enjoying some post Sandy Golf 

Chef Matt was all set for Halloween. 

They started work on the putting green today. 

Staff did a great job getting the course ready for play. 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Power at the shop---no power in the club house

We are still feeling the effects of hurricane Sandy.  Club House is with out power.  We got power at the shop some time last night.    We have been busy with course clean up,  and cart path construction started on Thursday barely missing a beat.  These pictures tell the tree story. 

This is behind 16 green.   Lucky it didn't fall on the green.   Luckier it didn't fall on the neighbors house. 

Two trees here,  between 3 and 4. 

Some people may miss this one.  between 12 and 14 tees. 

Hickory between 11 and 13. 

Despite having their shop flooded. The construction crew started up work this past Thursday. The Asphalt plants are still shut down so they concentrated on prepping  the path between 11 and 13 
 and started sodding 7 and 8. 

Path behind 7 green has been removed and was sodded yesterday. 
Benjamin had to remove the stump in the middle of the path on 13 tee.  I don't know why he is smiling.  : )


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Course update

Still no power,  course is open with limited carts.  Our carts are electric and we are not sure how long they will hold a charge.  There is no problem walking.  There will be no food service or lights in the clubhouse until  power is restored.