Thursday, October 4, 2012


Work is progressing nicely on our cart paths.  They only have a few more areas to install the Belgium Block.  ( 1 tee, 7 green, 11 tee, 16 tee, 15 tee and green).   The so called easy ones are done.  The rest of the block will be installed around new cart paths or cart paths that will be re-located.  I have had a few questions regarding the height of the block.  Please realize that we are adding two inches to the exiting black top as a re-coat so the block will ultimately only be 4 to 5 inches high.  A very easy and non intrusive step.  Some areas have been lowered to allow drainage and maintenance equipment.

There are a few paths that "cut" through our flower beds.  It is a little early to be transplanting so I have my fingers crossed and hope the plants survive.  Time will tell. We will keep them well watered and do our best to help them survive.   We hope to start paving in a week or two.  At that time there will be some hole closures.  We will do everything we can to keep the course as playable as possible.  There is a lot going on and the area's that we are working in changes from day to day and sometimes hour by hour.    If you have any questions please give me a shout.

Adding block around 13 tee

Tree moved from 11 tee

trees from 1 tee and 11 tee.