Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Our cart path renovation has begun.  We will start by first installing  the Belgium Block curbing on the paths that are scheduled to be re-capped.  This is a little easier and not as disruptive.  We started on 1green, 8green, 9 tee and 5green.  Tomorrow the cement truck is scheduled to come and the block will be cemented in place.  Please use some caution maneuvering around where the work is being done.   We will be having some path closures while the block is setting up.

We also started seeding our roughs.  Now that we have irrigation, we want to capitalize on the good weather and get some seed in the ground before it gets to cold and the leaves start to fall.   The course has greened up with the recent rains and the pond has come up about a foot or so. 

A few monarch butterflies have hatched in our aquarium.   The University of Kansas has a program called Monarch Watch.  You place a little sticker on the wing and if found and reported back to the university you can track the migration of the monarchs.  Check out the reporting sheet on the Audubon Bulletin board.  Also, a quick reminder that our fishing Derby is scheduled for Sunday, September 23rd. from 4 to 5pm.   Give me a call if you have any questions.   Hope to see you there. 
Preping for the Belgium Block behind 1 green. 

Placeing the block along the path, Cement will be here tomorrow.

Newly hatched Monarch
Monarch with Identification Tag.


Glad we had some rain to at least fill some of the pond.