Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Although it is only turning the page on my calendar the month of September signifies shorter, cooler days and Monday night football.  Hopefully it also brings us some much needed rain.  The pond has never been lower.  This is due to the fact that we have not had any rain in quite some time and newly aerified fairways need to be kept moist to facilitate healing.  Work started today getting a few areas prepped for the new cart paths.  Tony and Juan are getting the path ready behind the 2nd green. 

 I  noticed some native areas have become over grown with an invasive weed called “Porcelain Vine”.  This vine has become a big problem on the left side of 7 and around the black tee on 8.  We are going to cut it down and spray with a broad leaf weed killer and plant natural grass in its place.  This way we can keep the weed in check and allow the grasses to grow.  Although I would prefer to tackle this problem with out using chemicals it would be extremly hard and time consuming if we pulled the vines by hand.   This particluar vine has become a big problem in Rockland and Westchester counties.   We have some additional work to do in our native areas this fall as we hide and move cart paths though them.   

Our goals are: 
  • Lower costs because these areas save us time (no mowing), water, and fertilizer
  • Provide food, and shelter for the various wild life we have.
  • Increase aesthetics 
  • and add strategy to the golf hole.

Tony and Juan getting path on two ready to be widened. 

Irrigation system has been put to the test. 

Pond has never been lower.


area mowed down and cleaned
Porcelain vine is strangling the trees!!!!