Monday, September 24, 2012

Fishng Derby and Butterfly tagging

On Monday September 17 The Rockland Country Club hosted Westwood Girl scout troops 4010 and 4730 for a “Monarch Tagging day”.  After a brief lecture about the Monarch Butterflies Life Cycle 17 girls toured the course in search for monarchs.  The Program is a combined effort of a Kansas State monarch tagging program called monarch watch whose mission is to save the Monarch butterflies by educating the public and monitoring the butterfly migration habits.  “Monarch butterfly populations are declining due to loss of habitat.  To assure a future for monarchs, conservation and restoration of milkweeds needs to become a national priority” Chip Taylor, Director, Monarch Watch.   Rockland Country Club is an official Monarch way station.  That means that certain areas are designated milkweed areas for monarch habitat.  The only plant the monarchs lay their eggs on is milk weed.  We designate specific areas where we let the plants grow.  In late summer we catch the adult butterflies and tag them with a special tag that has its own identification number.  We have an example by our Audubon board outside of the locker rooms.  If the butterfly is found in Mexico the college can track its migration habits. The girl scouts had a great time and learned a little about golf courses and there benefit to the environment and what they can do to help the monarchs.  For more information on Monarchs go to 
Yesterday we held our annual fishing derby.  The fishing derby is a tribute to Mr. Bill Moran who was instrumental in getting our Audubon efforts started.  14 children participated and all had a great time.  In the ten and over category the winning fish was caught by Ronan Kim and was 12 inches long.  In the under ten category the winning fish was 13 inches long and caught by Adam Sujak.  Not to be out done the winner in the girls category was Jordan Flamholz who caught a 12inch large mouth bass.  We shared some laughs and learned a thing or two about how we manage our water quality with out using any chemicals. 

Troop 4010
Jordan, Adam, and Ronan with their prizes.