Monday, August 27, 2012


The aerification went well.  We just need some time before the holes fill in.  The dry weather is putting the new irrigation system to the test and the pond is showing the results.  I would not complain if we got a little shower.  The new system is good, but nothing beats mother nature.  (and rain is less expensive)

Unfortunately we had a hydraulic leak on our 16th. fairway.  Chico, caught the leak before going to far so damage was kept to a minimum.  We  use a biological oil so clean up is easier and it is easier on the turf. The hydraulic oil can get very hot while the machine is running and the heat can kill the turf as quick as anything.   Time will tell how it recovers. Some times you get lucky and the grass turns brown but doesn't die. 

Pond is getting low. 

Hydraulic leak on 16 fairway

Green Heron in the water feature on 8