Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Hello everyone:   Just an update,   we are not aerating greens next week.  We will be doing a procedure called venting.  This just makes a small incision in the surface.  We have done this before during play.  It is very non disruptive and will not affect ball roll.   

We will be aerating fairways, approaches and collars.  This will be done with a conventional aerifier.  We will be pulling cores and dragging them in.   

We changed our timing to provide better greens this time of year.  We will be doing a conventional aerating this November in conjunction with a process called drill and fill.   More of that to follow when we get into November.   

Conventional aerification of # 1 fairway last year. 

This is a picture of the venting tine,  slices will be gone in a week and do not affect ball roll