Monday, August 27, 2012


The aerification went well.  We just need some time before the holes fill in.  The dry weather is putting the new irrigation system to the test and the pond is showing the results.  I would not complain if we got a little shower.  The new system is good, but nothing beats mother nature.  (and rain is less expensive)

Unfortunately we had a hydraulic leak on our 16th. fairway.  Chico, caught the leak before going to far so damage was kept to a minimum.  We  use a biological oil so clean up is easier and it is easier on the turf. The hydraulic oil can get very hot while the machine is running and the heat can kill the turf as quick as anything.   Time will tell how it recovers. Some times you get lucky and the grass turns brown but doesn't die. 

Pond is getting low. 

Hydraulic leak on 16 fairway

Green Heron in the water feature on 8

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Better to be lucky than good.  The contractor had a cancellation so we were able to push the aerification to Monday instead of Tuesday.  Along with perfect weather the course is ready for play.   All the fairways and Collars are finished.  We also spiked the greens on Monday but that does not affect ball roll and already is hard to see.  We are going to hand seed damaged areas on greens.   As a reminder our greens aerification will occur in November this year.   

Cart Path update:     We currently are in the process of finalizing the contract.   A new map has been placed in the foyer.  Take a look, it contains the latest updates to the plan.  Along with fixing up our paths, there is some re-routing that will minimize disruption  and will provide a safer means to travel around the course.  We are hoping to get the shovel in the ground the beginning of September.  Every effort will be made to provide good golfing conditions with a minimum of hole closures.   Thanks for your patience, there certainly will be some disruption as process gets started.   

The contractor uses three of these machines in order to finish in one day. 

Make sure to look at the new layout.  There are some great changes 

Close up of greens,  spiking does not affect ball roll. 

Close up of fairways,  we will play winter rules for a while.  The process has little affect on playability. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Hello everyone:   Just an update,   we are not aerating greens next week.  We will be doing a procedure called venting.  This just makes a small incision in the surface.  We have done this before during play.  It is very non disruptive and will not affect ball roll.   

We will be aerating fairways, approaches and collars.  This will be done with a conventional aerifier.  We will be pulling cores and dragging them in.   

We changed our timing to provide better greens this time of year.  We will be doing a conventional aerating this November in conjunction with a process called drill and fill.   More of that to follow when we get into November.   

Conventional aerification of # 1 fairway last year. 

This is a picture of the venting tine,  slices will be gone in a week and do not affect ball roll

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Something I always wanted to do was a butterfly count of all the different species we have on the course.  It is also something I could never do on my own.  I owe a special thanks to Mr. John Lampkin who is an avid naturalist and butterfly expert.  He donated his Monday morning to come out and count our butterflies.  The list is below: 

Selected Species:

·                                 Black Swallowtail 1
·                                 Eastern Tiger Swallowtail 6
·                                 Spicebush Swallowtail 2
·                                 Cabbage White common
·                                 Clouded Sulphur 1
·                                 Orange Sulphur 13
·                                 Little Yellow 1
·                                 Painted Lady 2
·                                 Red Admiral 1
·                                 Monarch 6
·                                 Silver-spotted Skipper 4
·                                 Least Skipper 1
·                                 Fiery Skipper 6
·                                 Zabulon Skipper 9
·                                 Broad-winged Skipper 7

“Good numbers for this time of year” as stated by John.   He posted his results on the North American butterfly association’s web page.  If you want to take a look and compare the web site is:   John has a few postings.  As far as I could tell we are the only golf course posted. 

Well done John!!!!!!

John has an eagle eye.  He spotted butterflies that I never would have seen. 

John taking pictures.

A Primrose Moth Schinia florida as photographed by John Lampkin. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012


I thought it was appropriate to take the picture you see below.  Tony is on the left and today is his last day.   John Harvey was here reviewing the cart path plan.  We have made some nice changes to the original plan.  Make sure to look at the drawing outside the locker rooms.  We are hoping to get started later this month.  This will give us a good jump on the project before the weather turns colder.  We will start by installing the Belgium block curbing. That should not be that disruptive.  We will get down to the nitty gritty in September. 


What happened to the green speed!!!!   In a sentence we can blame Mother Nature.  We have had too much rain and the greens are growing at a record pace.   The growth regulator is not as effective when it is warmer, and the added moisture combined with the fertilizer just has the grass growing too much.   You may think it is crazy that we try and stop the grass from growing, but that is exactly what we do.   We do not manipulate the height of cut, and we do mow every day.  We also roll on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sunday's.   As soon as the greens start to dry out we will be back in business.  Till then it is best not to fight with Mother Nature. 

Tony Turner is the last survivor from the irrigation install and John Harvey is getting ready for cart paths. 

All the rain has made the place green, provided some nice pictures and slow greens