Friday, July 6, 2012


You probably are wondering what’s up with our greens.  They are rolling great but boy they don’t look so good.  It is not because of the weather.  It is because we have adopted a new program to keep green speeds up.  Simply put, it is a combination of applying growth retardants with fertilizers.  We are being pretty aggressive with this program and that is why they are off color.  We have recently increased the amount of fertilizer, this will improve the color but because the growth of the grass has been slowed down so much it will take longer for recovery.  I have had many positive comments on the speeds and plan to continue this program for the foreseeable future.   Give me a shout if you have further questions.   I would be happy to explain the program in more detail if you would like.  

Greens are off color, but are rolling nice.

Different types of grasses react differently to the chemicals.