Friday, July 20, 2012


This week they finished up installing the few remaining sprinklers, and started removing old heads and controllers.  I won't miss those silver boxes. 

Not all brown areas are from the lack of water.  Dollar Spot has been rampant in our roughs and you may have it on your home lawn.  It is the most common turf disease this time of year.  If you have smaller brown circular areas (4-6 inches) look at the area in the morning and see if you have a white cottony growth like the kind in the picture.  If so, you probably have Dollar Spot. 

This Monday and Tuesday we are hosting the  Met.CPC (Metropolitan Club Pro Championships).  If you get a chance stop by and watch.  Especially exciting will be the finish on Tuesday afternoon.  There will be some of the areas finest golfers competing for their championship and a chance to play in the national PGA championships in August. 

Tony and Byron unscrewing old sprinkkers on 16

Say good bye to the old controllers. The new system is operated by radios

Dollar Spot in the roughs.