Wednesday, July 11, 2012

LAST ONE !!!!!!

This morning Liebold started installing irrigation on our last hole (#5).  None too soon I might add.   This past week has been brutal.  High skies and not a drop of rain in sight. Areas with out irrigation are beginning to stand out as brown dust bowls.  Five should be finished this week.  All that remains is the small rough area behind the fourth green.   

Next, they will start the demolition of the old system.  Old heads, valve boxes, basically anything visible from above ground will be removed.  Say good by to those ugly silver control boxes.  Then on to the punch list, they will review head placement and spray patterns, as well as high or low areas.   

On another related note, it is going to take me some time to figure out this system.  I need to see how much time to keep the sprinklers running to keep things just right.  Not too wet and not too dry.  I am sure I will be working on it for the rest of this season.  

Stay tuned, we hope to start cart paths sometime in September.

Did you ever wonder why #3 is so bumpy?  The fairway is loaded with rocks and over the years the soil has settled around them. 

Mound on far side of fairway turning brown. 

Started by 5 green today.  LAST HOLE !!!!!