Thursday, July 26, 2012


Congratulations to Rob Labritz for winning the Club Pro Championships.  His 6 under was enough to earn him the $7,500.00 winners check.  It was not only there championship, it was also there qualifying round that ultimately may earn them a chance to rub shoulders with Phil and Tiger in the national PGA championships. 

Liebold is starting to dismantle there storage and office trailers.  They only have a few more holes to remove the old heads.  By the end of next week they should be totally finished.  I have had a few questions regarding yardage markers on the new heads.   We should have them in about 4 weeks.  We need to make the final measurements and then we can order them. 

We have have been seeding many areas in the rough.  We are paying a lot of attention to the left of number seven.  That area has been a problem as long as I can remember.  We removed all the rocks, brought in good soil from our compost pile, and seeded.  Now that we have irrigation in that area we should have a fighting chance to make that area nice and thick. 

We are going to keep the momentum moving forward by starting our cart path construction sooner than latter. We currently plan on having the contractor start installing the Belgium block mid August. Stay tuned. As the saying goes you have to crack a few eggs to make and omelet.

Rob Labritz looking over a putt. 

Congratulations to Rob Labritz from Glen Arbor and all the other qualifiers. 

Slowly removing there storage units and equipment to there next job. 

Marcos and Adonis adding soil to the rough on # 7.  We have seeded the area and keeping it moist with the new system.